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The Basics

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Screen Printing

With screen printing, you get a much higher quality product for an affordable price. Here at Adin, we only use the best inks. That means if you are reselling your items, you can turn an even higher profit margin. If you are giving the shirts away, our prices will be perfect for your budget.Also, with screen printing, you have no limitations on the colors you can print on, or on the style. We offer regular prints, 4 color process, foil prints, and more. Feel free to browse our services page for more information on all the different style of screen printing we offer.
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Adin’s custom embroidery is perfect for marketing, promotions and corporate identity or recognition as well as wedding, birth or ‘any’ celebration gifts. And, of course, custom embroidery makes the team in sports! Questions about the right path to take? Our design team is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have about embroidering your order.

Specialty Prints

Puff Ink
Puff ink is an opaque base that raises up when heat set to provide a raised print effect.
Environmentally friendly, these inks have a super soft hand, which makes them perfect for a wide variety of printing applications, including shirts, towels, sweatpants, towels, and even paper!
4 Color Process
4-color process is a more advanced separation and printing technique that uses 4 colors of transparent ink to produce the colors from the original design.
high density
These inks produce dramatic 3-dimensional, heavy-deposit prints.
Printing using halftones to create a gradient, or fade, effect.
Sublimation printing offers you the most dramatic effect in graphics that can display any details you want to express on the printing.
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Need Help?

Our Designers Are Ready to Help!

Unsure about screen printing? Not to worry. We offer an in depth consultation to help you understand the ins and outs of the screen printing process. We can help answer all your questions and offer professional feedback on design and printing techniques.

Our three in-house designers can answer any questions you may have, be it about screen printing, embroidery, or specialty prints, as well as designing your next project.